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Giving Pain A Purpose



Wise Endurance follows the extraordinary life of silver star recipient and combat veteran Roger Sparks. As a former reconnaissance marine and Pararescueman, Roger has been credited with saving countless lives and returning people to their families.

Roger shares the true story of Bulldog Bite, one of the bloodiest battles in Afghanistan, and life after the atrocities of war and his struggle to find grace in it all. The father of a special needs child, Roger champions a cause to improve not only his own health, but the health of his family and fellow combat brothers and sisters.

Wise Endurance shines a light on our humanity and how our country has treated our combat veterans who suffer with traumatic brain injuries and gives hope for a better day to come.

Wise Endurance: Filmmakers

On paper Sara and Bobby Sheehan are a mismatch.

Sara grew up in Westchester, New York, attended Bedales School in Hampshire, England and graduated from Wellesley College. Bobby on the other hand, had an unconventional upbringing that was nomadic and slightly feral: moving from the lower Eastside of NYC to Brooklyn then back to the lower Eastside of NYC. Bobby had a front row seat and was an active participant to the explosive art scene of the 1980’s. Bobby had to hustle his way into New York University Tisch School of the Arts with scholarships and grants. Sara had started a successful career first in advertising and then as a journalist with TV appearances on Oprah and the Today Show and Bobby was photographing punk rockers, creating art and fashion videos that caught the eye of Andy Warhol. Warhol and Sheehan began a collaboration, which tragically ended when Warhol died just months before their film was to commence filming.

The fashion industry brought them together when Sara had an assignment to interview a director directing “fashion videos.” Sara went to Bobby’s studio and Bobby told his assistant that he would only be interviewed over dinner: the couple have been together ever since. Collectively, they have produced well over a hundred hours of content in the form of documentaries, narrative films and TV series. Bobby has directed and lensed over 300 commercials… and they have produced three talented children.

Their secret to a successful partnership relies on a few simple principles: treat every project as if it was the very first and most important one; never become creatively complacent; always stay culturally relevant by immersing yourself in what you love; support one another during difficult times; always over-deliver to clients and consistently give back by producing passion projects that have positive impacts.

A mismatch made in heaven.

Sara Sheehan

Executive Producer, Producer
& Director

Bobby Sheehan

Producer, Director, Writer &


Combat Veterans

Air Force Master Sgt. Roger Sparks has served within the military as both a Recon Marine and Pararescueman for over 25 years. Roger was the recipient of the Silver Star, the nation’s third-highest award for valor, in a ceremony on July 11, 2014 for his actions during a fierce firefight with insurgents in Afghanistan’s Watapur Valley on Nov. 14, 2010. The Air Force is thought to have handed out no more than a couple of dozen in the post-9/11 era. They are specifically given for action against an enemy force and thus largely restricted to branches of the service engaged in direct combat. His military record indicates that Sparks was responsible for saving over 300 lives.

Roger struggled with post-traumatic stress, which lead him to tattooing. “It’s a metaphysical thing of attempting to master yourself through experiencing the pain of tattooing but through virtuous symbols.” The pastime took on greater meaning as he began tattooing fellow combat veterans. Sparks is currently transitioning from a career of special operations into the civilian world as a combat veteran advocate, tattoo artist, author and speaker.


Documentary Full

What started out as a simple idea has blossomed into something much more. Follow Roger as he continues to carry the torch a little further to help his service men and women after his career in the military.


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